Vextini: Lumberjack

Mix less. Miss less.
Never miss a moment with Vextini, the new ready-to-pour vodka martini.

You can print this press ads and visit the site for the experience the campaign:

Editorial Panic & Bob, Toronto

Advertising Agency: Bos, Toronto, Canada
Co-Creative Director: Chad Borlase
Co-Creative Director: Gary Watson
Art Director: Neil Domingues
Copywriter: Mith Das
Account Manager: Carly Sutherland
Digital Production: Lollipop, Toronto
Creative Director: Michael Gramlow
Executive Producer: Amanda Loughran
Live Action Producer: Dani Tedesco
Developer: Tim Scollick
Director: Matt Barnes, Westside Studio, Toronto
Music & Sound Design: Brad Nelson, Company X Audio, Toronto
Producer: Hamish McEwan, Company X Audio
Editor: Matthew Kett
Post Production: Andrew Hobbs, Amigo, Toronto

July 2010


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so lost

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I think it's a QR Code. You use your phone to see what's going on.

EDIT: Actually, you hold up the ad to your webcam and it shows you what's happening on your computer.

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Yes it's called Augmented Reality. The tactic doesn't help their case here.

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