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and that's how the love goes on.

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I quite like this, it's engaging and kind of silly. I like silly. I didn't get what it was saying straight away either.

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Guest commenter

nice communication, if there is a chance to clarify the tomato meaning it would be nice

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Guest commenter

It's American English vs British English.

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Guest commenter

ooh i know this, this is a part of ella fitzgerald's lyrics right? nice'

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what the hell? ALien from Mars learning broken English?

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Elias Vazquez García
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It's not a comment, but a request: Some years ago, I watched a movie and the soundtrack was a song of Ella Fitzgerald. That's all I remember. Could anybody tell me the song's title, since I want to use the lyrics as a warm-up to teach some differences between American English and British English, and this song is perfect for that. My e-mail address is eliasvgteacher@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance!

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