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나는, 이들 도려내고 있다 말해야 한다!
I must say, these are boring!



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For the one or two people who might get this...

"Give him the stick, DON'T give him the stick!"

Gee Ay Joooooooe.

That's all I can think.

At the very least though, I suppose they make you want to read them because it takes a bit of concentration. On the other hand, people may not bother. They do look exceptionally dull though.

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Roll your ass, don't roll your ass???

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actually i think it's "R"s not "ass" as in:
say it the British way (roll your "ahh"s) not the American (Don't roll your "arr"s)
& the difference in the British your (like yawn) and American your (like you-r)

It's a lot like My Fair Lady (the rain in spain...)

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me love spanglish yeah!

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