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these kinda art direction.....sticks in ur mind..long after uve seen it.....
i like this stuff........

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what does it say?

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I don't know German, but I translated it with babelfish. It's obviously not a perfect translation but you get the gist:

Support us in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Select the Spendenhotline 0900-111 01 60. With your agreement an amount is deducted by 5 euro over your phone bill. Or spended it on-line under www.vergessen-ist-ansteckend.de

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verstecken ist ansteckend = to forget is contagious

i'm glad it doesn't say "don't be headless" or something like that, would ruin the fine art direction.
i remember a mag showing how they did the retouching.

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retouching: Royal Post Club, Hamburg www.roylpostclub.de

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Thanks for the translation and credits!

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What's the agency?

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the agency is "Etwas Neues entsteht" (Berlin) www.etwas-neues.de

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eh....shock value of headless people bangin doesnt really do it for me..and the idea that having unsafe sex spreads a figurative contagious forgetful-head-eating-lose-your-mind disease doesnt exactly speak to me either. the photos do have great compositions tho!

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this campaign actually gives me the giggles, its sort of comical not very shocking. Thats not what its supposed to do is it?

The best aids campaign ive seen recently is the TBWA Paris with people having sex with scorpians and spiders, now that made me crap my pants.

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i really liked the scorpion ad but the other ones seemed a bit forced to me.
i think this is one of the few successful attempts to save a rather mediocre idea by an outstanding post-prod work and pushing it far beyond mediocrity.

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any ad with people fuckin is going to have an inherent shock value associated with it, even if there is a comical edge...regardless whether the aim of the campaign is to shock its audience or not. take their heads off and throw in some gay sex and you're just adding to the shocking quality.

ive seen those ads with the deadly insects...definitely more shocking...but shock value, like anything else, is defined within a span of varying degrees.

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5 executions of an one-off idea. Sorry, that's not too cool.

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"Its easy to loose your head when you are horny" Thats the translation of the main message according a web site i saw a couple of months ago.

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The caption on the bottom right says, "Forgetting is contagious."
On the left says, "Support us in our fight against HIV and AIDS. Dial the 'Spend-hotline' at 0900-111 01 60. With your [agreement to support the cause] there will be a value of 5 euros deducted from your telephone bill. Or spend online at www.vergessen-ist-ansteckend.de.
This was translated with the help of a friend from Germany.

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