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I get it. Its simple just like you said but one thing, are they all lifetime inmates? but you know what, i think it works and its simple. i like it. I give it 2.1 out of 10. just kidding, just nice.

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I like the campaign, but I'm not sure if the claim is true. I went to the Verbatim site and found no evidence of long life storage. It would be cool, because normal CDs don't last very long contrary to popular belief.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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simply great! you're right, ivan..

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andrej dwin
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the idea is perfect for a student portfolio.
but once you think about it the way ivan does, you'll see it's not really working.
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Guest star

what happens to someone who is imprisoned for the rest of his life? he's getting old the same way he would if he was outside of jail. first he's losing his hope, then his hair, then his teeth. becoming a wreck, having blackouts. finally, he dies.
but at least he was available and recallable at every single moment of his life.


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Killer execution..sweet n simple

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Looks pretty much like the Archive icons campaign for me...

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It's great for student work, but I totally agree.

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Here's the Archive campaign that was done by Saatchi. Very similar look and feel, but the student work is still very clever.

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