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this one is the only one that makes sense. the insight is the most simple one you can imagine which isn't bad but what they made out of it is just bad. sorry.

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All ears
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People can we please just try something simple for once. How about we stop trying to be fancy and put forward an ad that I in the industry as well as a consumer will understand and appreciate. Gees...

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I'm not sure if you like the ad or not. but you're right. an ad that industry and costumer will understand and appreciate is the goal. but they didn't achieve it with such a campaign. It's hard to imagine that those pictures turn someone to buy the clothes... and that's the main goal.

eg. showing satisfied people sitting in their cars fully stuffed with clothes is a simple idea too. but maybe more effective. or just show the invoice framed on the chimney ...

yeah I know - shitty as well. but I'm not on the brief.

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nice idea! It could be a nice flashmob

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i'm not so sure about how good this idea is. I think it took them about 5 minutes to come up with this. So, the sale we got at Venue it's so f***ing amazing that people will buy a shit load of clothes that they're never gonna wear. And... 1 min later there was this layout.

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That's exactly what makes those ads really amazing. Nice, simple and extremely funny.

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you've obviously never made a single layout in your life. even the shoddiest layouts are not done in a minute. the idea we can still debate about but these are pretty decent layouts.

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looks like some bhootttttttttt..hehehe...lol but i like the concept...good work....:)

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actually i did and i also admit that i exaggerated in order to make a point.

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不知所云 不明其意

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yun siang orangutan
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Rummage sale idea.

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