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Finding an alarm clock in the dark? Am I reading this right?


No, I am not a media buyer.

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The company makes blinds. I know that thanks to Google, you should give it a try.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I did. It didnt make any more sense after doing so, but thanks for playing.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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the problem is time on the clock. it should be 13:25 or something that clearly means daytime. that would reinforce the message that their blinds make complete darkness during daytime.

not bad at all but could be better

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Give a break. 9.25 in Belgium means daylight in any season. If it was Finland Summer, then even 23.00 would be right time to use blinds. Anyway, it's good they've chosen morning hour. That's the insight - sleep tight, don't be waken up by the sunshine, but by your alarm clock. It's clear.

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Simple. Effective.

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nah, don't like it. the execution looks too lazy for something that will end up costing a few grand. the idea also seems pretty first round.

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sadly this ads has been done more than two years ago, you can see in the link below

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