Veja for iPad: Fingers, Blood

Advertising Agency: G2 Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Silvério
Creative Director: Cristiane Albano
Art Director: Fernando Farillo
Copywriter: Cristiane Albano
Photographer: Ricardo De Vicq
Account Supervisors: Sérgio Brandão, Eduardo Teixeira, Flavia Mantovanini
Art Buyer: Soraya Borges
Additional credits: Burti
Published: April 2012


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Design Central
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That's kinda brutal... was it really necessary to put blood?

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Strong and huge

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its a different approach, kindda like it thou..

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very simple & creative

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creative, yes, but is it a usp to "feel"the blood and the "oil" of catastrophies ? You´re closer okay, but then You´re not supposed to feel but rather react - so pad is to make You feel miery to change it ? That would be cool - but I think the majority would prefer to "feel" good things - the ad would be perfect for greenpeace, peta or something similar - for a pad..Idon´tknow .......

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Stron, but true....!!!!! very good!!!!!

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Very nice.....good impact

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Interesting approach but, I feel it like it was the first idea they occurred, it's not bad but it's also kind of obvious...

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Probably not only one finger, but good.

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