Veikkaus Football Betting: Peacock

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Erkko Mannila
Art Directors: Tuukka Tujula, Hermanni Kanerva
Copywriters: Erkko Mannila, Tommy Makinen
Photographer: Antti Viitala
Client Service Director: Teppo Juuvinmaa
Project Manager: Heidi Nieminen
Post Production: Fake Graphics
Published: June 2010

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Hibon's picture
3731 pencils

This is the Portuguese team ? ... don't get the idea?????

Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture

this is blatantly obvious. the peacock shall resemble their vanity or at least mr. ronaldo, i reckon.

matheusorneles's picture
11 pencils

It should have a lot of sense in Finland, because i didn't get it.

Interactive art director - Visit my portfólio:

kergu's picture
6785 pencils

hahahahahaha ...

Guest's picture

You the only that got this ?????? or just to have a new "pencil" ?

Erixdstudio's picture
5 pencils

good art. south AFRICA animals? didn't get it?

akshaysrikar's picture
420 pencils

peacock doesnt represent south africa, it represents india.... but i like the art... so what the helll

Guest's picture

Wow, ya'll... Football betting = betting who's going to be on the top to win FIFA.

pez's picture
1718 pencils

is special, feels important, wants to call attention... is christiano ronaldo (we're animals)

Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

I don´t get it..

Dzsoi's picture
5268 pencils

What does players' characteristics have to do with betting?

Guest's picture

Why there isn't any Finland football player in this campaign? Oh wait they're not in the World Cup...

And Cristiano Ronaldo a Peacock?? FFS, get more creative...PLZ

Guest's picture

In french you can say " se pavaner comme un paon"(strut like a peacock). Everybody knows that Ronaldo shows off a little bit.

Guest's picture

In french you can say "strut like peacock" and you Christiano. I think it's funny...

Adrien01's picture
20 pencils

In french you can say "strut like peacock" and you know Christiano... I think it's funny...

Guest's picture

I think it's because C. Ronaldo looks good just like a peacock.

jackal hunts's picture
jackal hunts
325 pencils

I think the series tells about the fighting peacock, dogs and meercats in the betting is compared with football players....So it makes sense and cool concept for betting:)

Adrien01's picture
20 pencils

I just gave you the answer...

Adrien01's picture
20 pencils

C.Ronaldo = show off = Peacock

Guest's picture

Bad idea...

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