Veet: Shopping aisle

Everywhere's a catwalk.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Australia
Creative Director: Rowan Dean
Art Director: Brooke Harvey
Copywriter: John Gault
Photographer: Getty Images
Published: June 2008


shahid.h's picture
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very clean and to the point..good one.

Copydog's picture
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Cool concept. Like it.

Gilbert Berkam's picture
Gilbert Berkam
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I like this campaign a lot, but I can't shake the feeling that the supermarket doesn't belong in here. I mean, do we care that the groceries are watching us? In the other two, there's obviously other people doing the staring. This one feels forced. Surely digging around in Getty's archives for another hour would yielded a more suitable photo?

nemesis's picture
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There's always people at the supermarket as well.

dekka's picture
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very cool!

veroruvioli's picture
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i really like them!

ralph's picture
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My vote: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.(Did I mention brilliant, ohh, yes I did...brilliant).

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Hossain M Lokman
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Hossain M Lokman

i like it very clean

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St Lukes in London, UK did the same strategy for Clarks Shoes back in 2003. Their line was 'Life's One Long Catwalk' and did very similar ads to these so sorry this work isn't original. Here's a link to their 2003 TV spot:

slip's picture
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clean + cool



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