Veet: Movie theatre

Everywhere's a catwalk.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Australia
Creative Director: Rowan Dean
Art Director: Brooke Harvey
Copywriter: John Gault
Photographer: Getty Images
Published: June 2008


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very nice concept.

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Audrius Kubrik
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if getty images can't ruin your idea, it's ...really great idea

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Really clever, great insight!!

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Straight to the point.

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) Great! Simple! Understandable!

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Clever, simple and insightful. Good work!

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special k
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...but there is no one to see you.

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Bundy Agency
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im with speacial k,

the concepts interesting, the execution is shite'

put people in the seats, turn the lights down, have a woman walking to her seat with a box of pop corn and a choc top and the crowd turning and watching her

obviously budget was an issue, but you can do better than this

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I disagree with both of you, then the ad would look messy and cluttered, plus that would be spelling out! Here the product shot is hero and it gets the attention it deserves. Great idea and execution. Rowan Dean and his team are no amateurs. ya dig.

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Couldn't agree more.

Great stuff indeed.

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I agree.

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plus if you had models looking at the camera it would be too close to the wonderbra stuff.

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Hmmm good job :)

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simple and to the point but if u add people and woman it will be more effective

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i dig it,
so........ wheres the audience????


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Jessica Faye
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Hey there

I'm a grad art director at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa.. I'd love to intern at an agency in Perth, Australia in January 2009. Does anyone have a cousin, who has an uncle, who has a neighbour, who happens to work in an ad agency and is willing to give me a shot for a few weeks...

Thanks, chow :)

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St Lukes in London, UK did the same strategy for Clarks Shoes back in 2003. Their line was 'Life's One Long Catwalk' and did very similar ads to these so sorry this work isn't original. Here's a link to their 2003 TV spot:

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I really like it.

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