Vaughn's Original BBQ Sauce: Seconds

Leftover make for great sloppy seconds.

Advertising Agency: Vim Ideas, USA
Retouching: Sid Watters
Copywriter: Jason Corbin
Photographer: Ryan Hayslip
Additional credits: Rob Vaughn (Provided the wonderful BBQ sauce)
Published: February 2010


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Not so sure about this one

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good idea, but the copy does not convinces me.

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millerman's picture
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Good idea. Good copy. It's a nice campaign for a product that is usually not given any creative attention. Nice photography and look.

Pedestrian's picture
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The copy is kinda weak. And if you actually put the tagline on the ad, it would help the copy make more sense. If you're just an average person and you walk past this ad, you'll see this sexually-driven copy with no explanation of why it's sexually-driven. Without the tagline to back it up, the ad just looks like it's trying to be "edgy" with no purpose behind it.

kgeiger's picture
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I Googled the tagline and can only agree. "Pleasuring Meat Since 1934" would make it all cum together.

J Designer's picture
J Designer
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“Sloppy seconds” brings up all sorts of horrible images in my head…nothing of which has to do with food.

bad astronaut's picture
bad astronaut
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but if the company wants to have their bbq sauce be compared to a lubricant in food porn, then it works. The sauce looks nasty though.

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good idea


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