April 2012

When your home shows its dark side.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bucharest, Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Razvan Capanescu
Art Directors: Cristian Costea, Dragos Ometita
Copywriter: Carmen Dobrescu
Photographer: New Folder Studio

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karruza's picture
Activity Score 290

I think the copy could be better, the concept is there but the copy just... nothing about the product.

Wordfruit's picture
Activity Score 1023

I don't think the idea is communicating as well as it could.

I think some people might think (if they don't turn the page pretty sharpish) 'steps don't do that', not connecting 'your home showing its dark side' -- your home actually trying to trip you (which is I guess what you want to communicate).

I think you could make that clearer. But I'm not sure how do-able that is while at the same time keeping it simple.

DAS_13's picture
Activity Score 152

The only people who walk around people's homes at night with a flash light are usually burglars. This idea is a fail for me.

Just words's picture
Just words
Activity Score 5

That's why the copy says "When..."
They are talking about that moments "when" you don't have energy at home cause of a blackout or whatever.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 43493

I like the concept, but the execution is not right.

salil.sharma's picture
Activity Score 2428

good concept as per copy
good job

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

Chopper's picture
Activity Score 1015

Very nice. But the font of the wording would have been different.