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I don't get it? someone please explain

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You're kidding, right? It's steam. It's oceans. It's a joke.

Good stuff, I thought.

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Have Heart
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Not bad.

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not bad. i am not sure though if this machine is supposed to blow so much steam. i mean i wouldn't want my apartment to look like this

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omg...good.not bad...?!!

i thought it was a fab concept...i mean,even if u r da most creativ person in d world,wil dis even b ur 3rd or 4th thought?Nop...it's imposibl to c dis concept on d 1st or 2nd thought..

i thought its fab

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You're kidding, right?

"Hmm. Big volume water heater. BIIIIG volume. As big as... the ocean! An ocean of steam! Blanketing the... the... Statue of Liberty!"

Points for a fresh proposition, but 1st thought all the way.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i liked it

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From the 'so called idea', it seems the Sakura heater is so powerful it can even heat up the ocean. Suxs man!

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this ad sucks cock

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nice minimalistic stuff..

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