Vanish: Man

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Flagship, Bangkok, Thailand
Copywriters: Passapol L., Walita G.
Art Directors: Wiboon L., Narudol K.
Photographer: Cherdwood S.
via: Advert-Eyes


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Stolen a big time!!
Did you really think no one is going to see the I Pod-Shuffle ad??

Badong's picture

Did you get the ad or are you just too fast on the draw in pointing out stupid observations?

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6 pencils

JackSchwarz or JackAss, i guess u have shits instead of brain in yr head so that u talk only shits. I do recommend u to enroll the basic advertising course or see many more ads around the world before logging in and show yr stupid fucking shit comment in here. By the way, if this ad copy i-pod, i guess it wouldn't win so many awards OOPS! the shithead like u might not know...come out from the asshole u stay in and see the real world! so pathetic showing yr fucking brainless in public!

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Carlos Martinez
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I have not seen the Ipod shuffle ad, but there is a Clorox TVC made by ddb Argentina, very well-known and awarded a year ago, with exactly the same idea.

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to me the art direction is no very beautiful


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