Vanish: Gift

Daddy, if mommy still doesn't know of Vanish, you better wear this.
Trust pink. Forget stains. Homage from Vanish to Father's Day.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Carlos Castelo, Rodrigo Corbari
Art Director: Vitor Bomfim
Illustrator: Edilson Bilal
Copywriter: André Baldez

September, 2008


digifool's picture
263 pencils

Wow. Sexist.

eraburge's picture
36 pencils

don't be a twat... it's not sexist, sexism has to be negative.

Craig Valmer's picture
Craig Valmer
21 pencils

Good strategy to communicate an stain remover at the father's day. Excellent!

sloppy4's picture
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ivan, you should figure out a way that we can post jpeg responses. it would allow us to download the posted ads, throw them into photoshop and repost them with our tweaks, or more realistically, visual sarcasm.

danyels0n's picture
202 pencils

great idea :D

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

try fark

金合欢's picture
64 pencils

Nice idea.

How_Addy's picture
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I never thought I'd become one of those guys, but: DONE, DONE, DONE & DONE better.

wasuntitled's picture
30 pencils

Nice idea and good execution! Appreciated.


skanger's picture
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thats the lamest should be taken down.

Wyvie's picture
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Actually, I agree, it is sexist in that it assumes that the woman does all of the washing.

It's probably true though (is at our house *sigh*). And one question is whether ads like this merely acknowledge this and therefore attempt to aim for that audience, or if the stereotype is perpetrated because of ads like this.

Wow, got into a sexism rant there, sorry. :)

It's a silly ad anyway, though. I mean, come on, it's just trying to guilt the target audience. I won't use a product that tries to guilt trip me!

How is it an "homage to father's day" anyway? I know it would've been the client's idea, but it's still bad.

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