Vanish: Boy

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Flagship, Bangkok, Thailand
Copywriters: Passapol L., Walita G.
Art Directors: Wiboon L., Narudol K.
Photographer: Cherdwood S.
via: Advert-Eyes

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award winning concept

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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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i like ipod shuffles

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Stolen a big time!!
Did you really think no one is going to see the I Pod-Shuffle ad??

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exactly,ipod shuffle sad to just copy an idea like this.i feel pity for you loosers

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saatchi frankfurt did that for ariel. spots are on here in germany

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Derek Green
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And Clorox in the U.S did exactly the same idea a couple of years ago. But in TV.

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The same art direrction as Apple Ipod shuffle ad…
congratulations !!

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where can i see the said ipod ad?

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The visual is the ONLY similarity to the shuffle ads. I can tell you guys have eyes.. but do you guys have brains?

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copy cat

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JackSchwarz or JackAss, PatrickDick, DickRek Green, DickheadGienel & all of the shitheads above, i guess u guys have shits instead of brain in yr head so that u guys talk only shits. I do recommend u guys to enroll the basic advertising course or see many more ads around the world before logging in and show yr stupid fucking shit comments in here. By the way, if this ad copy i-pod or fucking clorox or whatever shit visuals, i guess it wouldn't win so many awards OOPS! these shitheads in here might not know...come out from the asshole u losers stay in and see the real world! (spell losers not looser Dickhead! even the easy word u spelled incorrectly haha!!! so pathetic!!)

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Pathetic you say... OK

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isn't this a Cannes lion 06 or 07? whatever... I didn't like them then, I don't like them now. pretty old idea.

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very nice ad!
keep on guys!

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