Vancouver Aquarium: Bath

If frogs go extinct, you’ll notice.
Visit the ‘Frogs Forever?’ exhibit.

Advertising Agency: TAXI, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Michael Mayes
Art Director: Raul Garcia
Copywriter: Matt Bielby
Photographer: Patrick Norman
Digital Imaging: Render Unit
Published: March 2008


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Reminds me of this campaign:

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209 pencils

Yеs, but the prеvious one is dreadful, this one is too literal

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canadians are literal...

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the retouching - bleurk!

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white widow
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so if i go to see the exhibition the frogs will not extinguish, that stupid.

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i think it's more 'appreciate' frogs by seeing the exhibition, because they do help you out.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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One execution should show all the starved, thin French people...
(Bad! That was BAD!! Sorry. So what if frogs go extinct? They still have snails, right? Oooops, I did it again!)

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