Vahumê Office Furniture: Secretary

New range of kid’s chairs.

Advertising Agency: Communion, Rosario, Argentina
Creative Director: Javier Birollo Sosa
Art Directors: Emmanuel Rovere, Carolina Ferrero
Copywriter: Javier Birollo Sosa
Published: July 2010


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I did not get it.

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John van de Vor...
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Can someone please explain this to me?

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no entendi un carajo

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It´s an Office Furniture brand that releases a new range of kid´s chairs.

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Vahumê it´s an Office Furniture brand that releases a new range of kid´s chairs.

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Layout is kind of nice, but the ad itself falls a little flat.

I think the point is that their new range of kid's chairs have a more professional, adult feel to them. So their juxtaposing a "professional", office setting with a sock puppet or a moose-doll. Their hoping you'll find it kind of funny and cute, and go buy their chairs for your "little adult."

It feels like they just took the first draft of that idea and ran with it. Should have let it simmer a bit and let it get some more flavor. Maybe have the sock puppet sitting in the chair, at a desk in an office, doing adult-like work, but in actuality, it's signing reports with crayons and has a lollipop where a coffee mug should be.


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Is so simple. A brand of office funiture that releases a new range of kid´s chairs.

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