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These are just silly.

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Very very average ad....for a student work.

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Great! .........if this were for a vaccum suicide prevention hotline.

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I think it's a cute idea, but the execution goes a little too far in anthropomorphising (yes it's a big word, look it up) the electrical appliances. I can buy a vacuum cleaner dreaming of being a better and newer vacuum cleaner; one that this electrical store happens to sell, and that you might consider coming over to buy and replace your old vacuum cleaner with. But a vacuum cleaner taking a bath? Nuh-uh.

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This one is the worst. Vaccum suicide says it all. Why would you show an electrical appliance in water.


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I once received a great piece of advice; if your partner feels strongly about an idea, go with it. Maybe it turns into something great. You never know.

I still believe that was great advice, but sometimes these kinds of ads happen.

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