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Have Heart
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Greece is known for their hundred little holiday islands.

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Have Heart
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I know, but what is the idea?!

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The idea is that people of TBWA\Athens will be on vacations everywhere around Greece and they will be back to work on 20th August.
The idea is clear.

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That's right Ivan. This summer I have been to Serifos, Folegandros, Santorini & Crete Island.
This ad works in Greece.

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yeah ok, islands. but ain't this just boring like hell? @ rere: What's clear here is a fact, but no idea

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It's not boring, it's totally creative and based on TBWA\'s logo to give a summer taste.
Apart from that, i found it a great promotion for greek islands!

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::son of mount malang::copywriter of TDS
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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Have Heart
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Huh?!?!?! Who in heavens name is the target audience?!?!?!

Who cares, if TBWA people are back from vacation?! The clients?!?!?! Sorry, but this is a bad joke.

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This is not
a clear idea
an idea
a great promotion

Even if TBWA People may state that here.

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Corner Store
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This is just a bit on the boring side.

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kind of a yawner.

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Go TBWA go!

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Creative Guest

what the f*** is this? are you serious????
are these people professionals? be creative for gods sake! come on!
my unborn nephew can do better than that!

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Well excuse me??? you call this a clever idea?
I find it VERY BORING. we 've seen so many times!
please, come up with a really nice idea!
Ad people here in Belgium wouldn't publish that.

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AD Killer

wow, clever ad! They promote Makrosnisso as an ideal holiday destination... If you asked Miki Theodoraki, i guess he would agree with you!! Good job you people! you rock! very "alternative" work.
Oh, and by the way... regarding Creative Guest's comment..dont' be so charitable, i think my uterus can do better than that!

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London Ad

Are you THAT proud of this?
Sorry, but I have to agree with the comment of HaveHeart. WHO CARES WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK???
It seems that Greece is years back in advertising...sad, very sad.

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then if ur trying to sell the islands, sell the islands. no-one cares that all the staff are going on vacation. now a tbwa-standard piece of communication.

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very boring. here they did just the obvious.
if you wanna fill a whole page with letters then try this:

I will NEVER do something like this again.

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Common you guyes!! what's that thing with you?? This is an excellent ad and who ever disagrees is an idiot and should go to hell!

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I'll go to hell but I really don't like it.......what do you care if they are or aren't on vacations in the greek islands.....don't think so....

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I live and work in Greece but this did not happen ... Out

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Frankly, the only thing we care about is to never come back from your Summer holidays... Spare us

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Perhaps because I am greek, I get what they were trying to do. But yeah, I'm with everyone here, it lacks a punchline.

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it seem more like an inside joke than an ad

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This is only disruptive in the sense that it compleletly disrupts my previously high regard for TBWA. This is the agency that brought you Think Different and Zimbabwean Money. Is there ANY quality control from head office???

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