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Now that's a motto for life...
It works for cinemas quite well. Only, this seagull-crash looks so very fake itself. But I still like it.

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white widow
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ahahahahah la wea chistosa!!

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white widow
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ahhaha esta chido mi cuate!

"acá también se opina en mexicano"

ps que lindo está ps

"acá también se opina en peruano"

la wea chistosa

"acá también se opina en chileno"

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Now lemme make comment in my language...

Aa dey vabu khasat achey, libkub trealey. korrs.Rayvbo.

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Ommmmmmm Somehow it has that SPARK...


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love it def.

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well... i love the crash with the seagull...
the whole idea is great... respect...

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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The girl (annelies Rongé) is in my class, we study art-direction in Antwerp together, on her internship in Duval Guillaume Antwerp she got the opportunity to be model in a shoot... it's amazing how often i've encountered this image accross the internet! she's famous!

i love this ad by the way, not only because annelies is the star of course ;)

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kocak parahhh...!!!!! I really like it. Soooo funny...

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One of the best I've seen recently. Well done!

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