Utah Avalanche Center: Hidden

In this picture, see if you can find: skis, backpack, ski boots, ski poles, skier, ski goggles, parka, hat, gloves.
Get caught unprepared by an avalanche and you may never be found. Visit avalanche.org for advisories, classes and

Advertising Agency: Richter7, Salt Lake City, USA
Creative Directors: Ryan Anderson
Art Director: Ryan Anderson
Copywriter: Gary Sume
Photographer: Ken Wzorek
Published: December 2007


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Ad Junkie At Large
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whats the connection between the avalanche and a childs book?

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You won't find 'Find the Hidden Pictures' Game in Mens Magazines would you?

So, children books are used as you would find these types of games in there.

(Moreover I think giving a childish book, evokes in me the concern that if I were in such a place with kids, and then the Avalanche... {Shrugs} I would definately go check what that website has to offer for safety.)

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Theres no connection between avalanche and the childrens book however its a out of the box concept which is okay, something different

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Kinf of "easy" concept... But well, it works doesn't it?

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like it

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Nice idea but the art direction is dreadful.

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This is just a take on the old kids joke of a kid telling his teacher, unhappy with his blank art paper, that he'd drawn a picture of a polar bear and a snowman caught in the middle of a blizzard at the North Pole. Not at all original.

Very similar to another joke that goes that same way where an art teacher asks a student why he hasn't painted anything on his canvas. He answers that he painted a landscape of a cow grazing in a field. Teacher asks where the field is and the student tells him that the cow ate it. Well where's the cow then? It left, why would it stick around if there's no grass to eat?

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Sorry Richter7...this did not move me one bit. The kid's book overlay actually gets in the way of the idea.

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