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Sorry, but if you're wearing a condom, this is not supposed to happen…

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john doe
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exactly my thought.

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Just browsing through the ads as we are in the process of producing some for condoms. What I love most about all of these comments albeit they are quite old is that quite a few, not sneakyhands below, seems to have missed the point - it was a celebration, they popped their cork, it's Champers being unleashed, it's a shot of celebration, not even meant to be an ejaculation but everyone has made that assumption so in that respect it has provoked a response, clearly too clever for some.

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put me off champagne for a while

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Brainzed this can happen if the guy is alone in is room and reading playboy, but what a stupid way to celebrate sex....i won't join the "fun" at condom08!

Simple ideas are the best !

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Why would you put a condom on to masterbate on playboy?
In fact, why would you wank on playboy?

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brilliantly done!
as direct as you can get without any difficulty..cheers!! ;)

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3 different executions for exaaactly the same visual??

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ooops! and wow! ^^

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its only in porn they remove the condom to show "that",so im guessing for commercial appeal and for the intention of making it look like fireworks or a newly opened bottle of champagne or something, they succesfuly conveyed that. nice job

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I am sorely impressed well done guys, those who do not get it at first glance do not deserve such brilliance.

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I'm not quite so impressed. I don't see why three different visuals are used, it's almost the polar opposite of what happens when you wear a condom and the visual is simply a bit off-putting. It certainly doesn't make me want to "join the fun". I'm no prude by any means, I think it could have been executed better and there simply is no need for the redundancy of three near identical treatments.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Guest commenter

yeah. one ad badly executed 3 times. YAWN. who thinks this is a good campaign? if its you, why the f*** do you? its piss poor!

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