U.S. Xpress Shipping: Miles

If your miles are disappearing, your job may be next.
With 1,000 trucking companies going out of business this year alone, new opportunities are in short supply. But, even now, U.S. Xpress is growing. And we've got plenty of consistent miles and freight with your name on them. Call today.

Advertising Agency: The Johnson Group, Chattanooga, USA
Creative Director: Mike Polcari
Art Director: Chuck Morrow
Copywriter: Gari Cruze
Published: September 2008


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this is good, but i don't like the other three. because this one speaks to a real concern, the other three appear out of touch.

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missed my turn
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Agreed. This is the only one that would be convincing at all.

vale's picture

is the sky from the cloverfield posters?

STRTLRS's picture
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No, it's made out of broccoli.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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done well to say "US express is growing "fast"

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I like this. This is the best among the four

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I like this advert's idea, but not the execution.

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Hey, izmild are you aaight buddy?

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