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ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our "words forming shapes show" its the biggest hit of the 2009 when the creatives run out of ide.................

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yeah, I know.

I'm not sure if this is their 1st-tissue idea or the 50th-tissue idea, but this is getting old pretty fast.

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Jonty Megan
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by the time i finished reading it...i felt a pain on my left upper lung! hmm...but i should say....Good art mate!

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I don't even think the execution is good... Forget about the idea being done a million times: why that typo???

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they aren't scary at all!!

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playing with typography is better for graphic design than advertising..advertising needs more realism. and design without logic and strategy is only an art for self expression not advertising. using of typography in design..was good to break the clutter..but these day it itself has become a clutter...let the graphic design be graphic design.

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This design can be good for countries where art is slowly slowly overpowering the copywriting...there its a new thing..but not for the USA or EUROPE.

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illustrating the idea with type is not good for graphic design either, there needs to be a better strategy driven solution. I would not even say this is good typography, the type face was poorly chosen

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Athsma??? All this while I thought it was Asthma :-)

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