Ural Motorcycles: Break out, 1

Routine, boredom, office slavery and chains of marriage – this is not about people who ride bikes. Ural motorcycle sets you free. It helps you get away from all this, and gives you absolute freedom.

Advertising Agency: Friends, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Arina Avdeeva, Denis Eliseev
Art Director: Mitya Katkin
Copywriter: Ilya Torgovnikov
Designers: Alexander Zavatsky, Alexey Pushkarev
Creative Producer: Teymur Aliev
Production: Belle Ville

May 2013


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People, you must look with your brain! It's good.

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It may be good art, but it is not a good ad. Where is the call to action? Here are a few pointers for an ad - Don't make me think, don't make me choose and don't waste my time.

A good start could be to put the handle bars in the centre bottom in order to make it seem you have the bike. By having a mini version of it at the bottom, it skews the bike size from being part of the solution or the picture. Slap the logo of the company there and a bit bigger and you'll increase your brand awareness at the same time.

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when you need to add some informations below the image about your print ad, there is a problem...

come on, check our website:

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a fat guy needs more space to go. right?

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