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I think it meant "Ups placing things wrongly", I dont really like it anyway

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me thinks
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I don’t like it. Sorry. Nope.

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"It doesn’t make sense to me" what this advert trying to say can anyone tell me pls...

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they are connecting links. " this is one's speak ends and " is other's beginnings.

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connecting links?!? This isn't a telecomms ad!

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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ming the merciless
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Do DHL need to acjnowledge their opposition?

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Tero Ylitalo
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Ha ha, this is hilarious! "Ups" = "Oops". Still, hopefully DHL strikes back.

"Pastes like shit."

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is it legal to take the piss out of someones logo? I thought they had to partly hide it.

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Is this for real??? Bacause, if it is...that's pretty brave!

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it's done for award purposes..

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tamer samy
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I thought Germany is more powerful than that :(

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he he.. real bold.. lets wait for Oops to strike back.

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UPS boring ... tooooo much inspiration ;)

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DHL is ogilvy's germany's client.
As a stupid consumer I will start using UPS as the logo is bigger and the ad says that UPS is bigger then DHL.

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I think it is not working either.

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Corona Raymaker
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Ah, JvM again.
Hm, I told you ...

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Have Heart
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It's a funny idea, but UPS always wins. Anyway, I don't like this kind of rival-ad stuff.

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hw th hell th TA is supposed to deciper this...seems unreal

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Yeah, here in Germany ups is pronounced oops, and by putting it in ""s I guess that's what they're trying to say. But this is just dumb. I don't think that many are going to get it. At first view it said to me that UPS and DHL are working as partners.
For me this is more advertizing for UPS.
If they really wanted to trash the competition they should have removed the text from the UPS logo. Kept the brown and gold and font and put the ups in quotes. Would have been clearer to the viewer and made them think.
Trashing the competition is a sign of a shitty company, and that fits DHL to a tee. Typical for german companies. Worst courier company I've had to deal with.

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haha fair comment

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i haven't seen it yet in germany and i think i wont ever.
as far as i know there not allowed to use the ups logo like this, according to german law.
if someone can disabuse me of the notion that this is pure scam i'd appreciate that and retract my presumption.

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it's an ad which aims at award shows - and it also has won sth. in the Eurobest 2006 -

Accidentally I saw it in a german art magazine but I don't think that I will see it again somewhere else..

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Come on...Why are you guys so negative. It's one witty ad.

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it's working. it's witty. it's good. also it's a scam, most likely. ghost ad. will never be published. etc. but still.

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Horrible. We are not on a quiz show.

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Bit of a stretch for my liking.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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imho this will be interpreted as a UPS ad for more than 80% of the customers.

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I kinda like it.

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I a sorry but I don't get it

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Javi Ending
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I don't live in Germany so maybe it makes sense there, but this is HORRIBLE in my opinion. For the first seconds it struck me as a UPS ad but after about 4 secs i saw the DHL on the bottom. So, the "OOPS" is for you DHL.

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Corona Raymaker
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"I don't live in Germany so maybe it makes sense there, but this is HORRIBLE in my opinion"

As far as I, living and working in Germany, can say - you are absolutely right!

As I told you guys before: JvM

(can anyone here teach me how to quote correctly with html and stuff? i didn't get it...)

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what did You tell us before about JvM?

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Vege Pop
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I Love it! It's simple, funny and beautiful.

Some how don't understand why everybody is being so incredibly negative?

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Corona Raymaker
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Look at my profile -> track
you'll find out.

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This is about nothing. There is no fantastic creative idea in this. It's showing a stylish logo in an uncommon enviroment for no further reason than to catch the looks! I am not doubting, that it achieves that goal - but that's everything.

And I think that philosophy is significant for JvM.

La madre cuya hija vive en Alemania!


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This ad was shortlisted at Cannes 2006.

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Corona Raymaker
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"La madre cuya hija vive en Alemania!"

Exactamente. Segun: Sé lo, que de hablo.


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UPS isn't in DHL's dialogue ?

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made me smile