University of San Francisco: Evil Genius

Advertising Agency: Hub Strategy, USA
Creative Director / Design: Peter Judd
Creative Director / Copywriter: DJ O'Neil
Director of Account Management: Annalyn Duke
Account Coordinator: Meghan Raab
Photographer: Jason Rothman
Producer: Michael Blair
Copywriters: Leona Frye, Jason Siciliano
Lead Designer: Paul Kagiwada
Mechanical Artist: Mike Ornellas
Flash Designer: Armand Tam

April, 2012


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These are all very boring, but at least there's a thousand of them!

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I don't think that's what universities do, necessarily -- whatever they say they do.

I don't think people believe that's what they do.

And there's no convincing argument to the contrary here.

And there's nothing specific about USF here.

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