Universidad de Chile Football Club: One Single Family, 2

The lower text reads: One Single Family.

The upper text, is a long list of Chilean last names that –in spanish- mean opposite things. For example “Los Rubio, los Moreno” would be literally translated as “The Blondes, The Brunettes”, and so on. Being one of Chile’s most important football teams, Universidad de Chile’s most relevant attribute (even recognized by rival teams) are indeed it’s fans. Their passion knows no limits, no social differences, no professions. When you love this team, that’s all that matters. You’re part of this family.

Advertising Agency: Pedro Juan & Diego, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Briceño
Head of Copy: José Letelier
Head of Art: Claudio Campistó
Creative Director: Adolfo Lira, Pablo Silva
Art Director: Adolfo Lira, Eduardo Friz
Copywriter: Carlos Inostroza, Pablo Silva
Illustrator: Claudio Campistó, Adolfo Lira
Photographer: Paolo Remedy
Additional credits: Cristián Cáceres, Ramiro Silva
Published: May 2011


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Mr. ok
37 pencils


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soy de la u =D
está piola aunq muy simplona, quizás por recursos ya vistos creo
buen retoque

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Muy buena idea, buen retoque, pero no sé si lo suficiente para este sitio.

Very good idea, good art, but im not really sure if is good for Ads of the World.

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Limia From Hell
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i dont find a relation between the lower and the upper text. with the picture and the claim was enought. sorry 4 my bad englsh

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Looks alright. Should have included someone senior-looking too. Everybody looks U-40s.



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good but not very refreshing..

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el texto está rico, pero está un poco usado creo, saludos

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