Universal Studios: Hugs

Live the nightmare. This Halloween, Freddie Krueger is loose in the park.

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA
Chairman / Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director: Ben Purcell
Art Director: Adam Nelson
Copywriter: Aryan Aminzadeh
Photographer: Ethan Pines


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I love the strange combo. Pillows usually have cutie-pie sayings.

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Guest commenter

This is possibly one of my favorite lines I have ever read. I want to buy the pillow.

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Guest commenter

this headline makes me want to dress up and hide in various dark areas in universal studios while i masturbate furiously to images of popsicle stick log cabins

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Guest commenter

that image makes me want to build log cabins out of popsicle sticks and dress up as a pirate while masturbating onto the pillow. that's how hard this line is trying.

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I'm calling Crimeline right now.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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