restless_r's picture
275 pencils

didnt get it

dragos's picture
10 pencils

that is very simple...i dont get it how you dont get it....

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

They's think bubbles. Support the College Fund, which will send blacks to school, which will teach 'em to be great thinkers/inventors &c.

Yash Vora's picture
Yash Vora
48 pencils

The smaller white scoop is conflicting with the idea of representing lesser availability funds for black students.

spacecadetglow's picture
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i think you're looking too far into this. it's neapolitan ice cream -- a classic! :)

restless_r's picture
275 pencils

dragos i dont think that you got it :)

miko1aj's picture
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Next campaign, where art destroys the concept. The best one is that with traffic lights, but i still can't understand why big, well known agency can use such a shadow under the ice cream like in that particular ad. Ugh. Idea is nice though.

oshe's picture
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booooo. this campaign have the same concept and the same graphic made it in Colombia for Corral - Hamburguers


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i don't regard the ice cream scoop as a "life changing innovation". i'm sure there are better examples.
reading the copy i rather got the impression they're making fun of african americans.

mrtalented's picture
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the execution can be way more delicious! OR even more sacastic.

just have fun with the undiscovered facts.

tantrik_indian's picture
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i thnik addyhoch is right - i felt the same
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Get-a-Fix's picture
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I think it's brilliantly done...and i think da art has done quite a bit of justice to da concept as a whole.

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I can't decide. On one hand, it's inspiring and uplifting to show black people who achieved so much at a time when segregation was so rampant. But on the other hand, shouldn't the message be "we can help you overcome the stereotypes and be somebody" - rather than "hey - black people have ideas, too"? I mean no disrespect whatsoever - in fact, I think this message does more harm than good.

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nice art. gives a fresh look

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Thee's also this one, which is just disturbing: http://bp1.blogger.com/__XCWUd8FFjQ/Rm1BDCqCFqI/AAAAAAAABDI/DVUKbjDYIq...

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