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MADE in the USA
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Great job, Sharp and clean, Great message delivery.
I like the shadow casting as well.

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It is the concept of "FRAGILE" ... peace can be "Borken"
Nice ad, and yes it did not need the whole agency working on it though, hehehe!

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MADE in the USA
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A Grenade can sit harmlessly on a shelf for fifty, sixty years, Sixty years of peace. However as soon as someone decides to take it off the shelf and pull the pin; EXPLOSION, DEATH, DISMEMBERMENT. No more peace.
Porcelain is very fragile and expensive. It is an example of how thin the protective wall is between Peace and war.
---(Comme)-- “so what is the solution for it, Love the grenade”?---

Fire-Arms, Bombs and Nuclear weapons have often been named and referred to as
“Peacekeepers” Because of their destructive capability. They threaten the criminal mind, (someone that has a messed-up idea of acceptable behavior) with pain, suffering, and even death. To:
“Keep the Peace”. A necessary deterrent to Murder, Slavery, Terrorism. Or “the death of Peace”

That’s why I say Bravo to the Creative‘s, The ad says so much so simply and cleanly. I Don’t think its a
“half delivered message” in any way... Well Done.

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I always beleived... Picture is worth Thousand word.It is again a relative view. Excellent 'piece of work'

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Text says "Peace is fragile", but image shows a porcelain grenade, so image comunicates that war is fragile. There`s a dichotomy between text and image.

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