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I don't get it.

pierrelastname's picture
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me neither

ofband's picture
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don't get it......... and bad photoshop

You can do it !

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I get it. It's a credit card as a plate serving a holiday. The card nature should be more obvious.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Almost...take note of "For travel less complicated."&""For shopping less complicated.""
that's means U can pay more easier with a Unionpay in your hands.

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UnionPay =VISA

xieshuang_88's picture
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No landmark buildings so not obvious

Themadartist1972's picture
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headline has nothing to do with the visuall

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AdsWriter 2504
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Means you don't have to worry about currency exchange, travel cheques or rates.

because therefore it is

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giant people.. uhmmm -.-

pedasmanis's picture
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mmm...what is this?

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the logo stuck out like a sore thumb. at least choose some complementing color pallatte.



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i think there certainly are the landmark buildings here. But I can't get it either..just lame.

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i think it means...like you can travel whole China with Unionpay. Since there are some landmarks in China(H.K,Beijing,Shanghai..). But,still,isn't this the same concept with Visa?

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Akbar Academy
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