Union Insurance: Truth Well Told, Turkey

Advertising Agency: Wiktor Leo Burnett, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Directors: Peter Kacenka, Martin Ondrusek
Copywriters: Peter Izo, Vlado Cabak
Art Director: Stefan Andrejco
Graphic Designers: Stefan Andrejco, Peter Kacenka

December 2011


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Is it me or is this ad saying that all Turkish people are thief?

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Milan Solanki
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forget turkey, the same would happen anywhere in the world
nice campaign though

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nice one

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this typeface is indian style, not arabic.... anyway, they use normal european letters in turkey!
plus its racist

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I quote.

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Offense to nations is not something that any serious firm wants in campaigns. I like the idea behind these ads, but try it without countrys for good.

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The mural is quite Turkish, just not the typography. There are historical Ottoman murals where "Ottoman" was used. (A language derived from farsi and arabic) this looks like indian. this is all I can say about the ad.
About the context: I don't think we have many tourists here from Slovakia. Turkey is not a highly preferred destination for them as far as I can see... So why mentioning it in an ad which will cost you to print here and there? Just use a relevant touristic destination... or maybe we, it's a cliche and we, Turks have a bad reputation in Slovakia. Oh, It would kill us if we have a bad reputation in Slovakia... damn.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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This ad shows a deep lack of research... Arabic and Hindi letters are extremely different... Since when is Turkey associated with Hindi?

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why turkey or any nation for that matter? its gross


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Roger Keynes
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Type-quibbles aside, I don't mind this. This thought connects in any market.

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Will Think for Salary

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The most idiot ad i ever seen. Hey boys and girls have you ever been in NY, or italy or bulgaria or hungary or london. Same all. You never find your wallet or anything you forgot. This is the human being act. Pls try to come İstanbul. We use latin alphabet from 100 years around. We are not arab. Same family with hungarin, skandinavian people unfortunately. Brasil maybe right place.

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Here is a good example that you can see the some of the ignorant and superficial ad people in the industry. You can read the same opinion (that i totally agree) above but I would like to say something about the art direction. The image is ok but what about the typography? Sorry but we are using Latin alphabets not that. And Mr. Stefan Andrejco, dude, this is not the "right' typography. Because you use Sanskrit not the typography that you thought it was suitable for your ad. Please research a little when you are gonna make that kind of ads. Please forgive us for stealing Slovakian people's wallets. Send me your losses. Ok?

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Now to set a cat among the pigeons. Just thought I'd mention that when I rented a BMW in Munich to drive around Europe, last summer, my contract clearly barred me from taking the car into Slovakia. Wonder why... I'm not Turkish, by the way.

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