Unimil condoms: The husband and the parrot

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Pawel Borowski
Associate Creative Director: Czeslaw Plawgo
Art Directors: Sunil Nair
Copywriters: Sunil Nair, Joanna Leszczynska
Illustrator: Antoni Serkowski
Photographer: Szymon Swietochowski


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trying too hard....

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guiding light
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why are these ads not in polish language?

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trying too hard....

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trying too hard....

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silly ads are trying 2 hard!!!

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I have to be honest... daaaaaah

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The whole campaign appeared a few days back, why again??


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This has no concept... it's a joke... an actual joke, that I remember from school!

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Student work...


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These ads blow.

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Perhaps the context is not understood by some? I thought it was a funny twist to a story from the Arabian Tales. It think it does justice to the product.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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i am zero
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even packaging looks like cough drops.

pashya is zero

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Cool !
I realy like it.
funny, message is related to product, outstanding, It is more showing the mind of user that product(condom). It is not hard to understand someone waiting night to enjoy who like that voice/ expression(those kind sex enjoying ppls like that books).

But only the problem Desingning too academical. The same illustration with book, they can do more better like as
1) change angle of view but with readable letter.
2) different background colour/ material.
3) Condom packet must be looks like as a another object like as use Shadow, change color layer...(more)

anyhow I LIKE IT !!

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