Uniform: Pinata, 2

Fucking Winter

Advertising Agency: Plutón, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Directors: Silvio Maldonado
Art Directors: Silvio Maldonado
Copywriters: Pablo Medina
Photographer: Love

March 2010


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Apart from the fact that I don't understand the idea, my other question would be, 'Are we allowed to blatantly use swear-words in ads?'

I think; therefore I am

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Good campaign

alvinivanicko's picture
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Maybe would have been better: Fighting invierno.

Anyway very very good fashion ad.

gioborde's picture
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"GOOD CAMPAIGN"??????.Four identical executions to show the same idea?????...hmmm...I think not!!


Adaddicted's picture
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Like the Photography and Art.
not the * U * K * N * copy!


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Shubhra Aggarwal
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wtf!!?? why are the people blind-folded? whats with things falling out?.. and WHAT is that, out of which things are falling? ..was the abrasive word *really* necessary? how is this all relevant to fashion!? ..the models aren't even wearing that great clothes! :O ..honestly, this is quite annoying!

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Lo siento pero no lo entiendo. En el de los medicamentos intuyo algo, pero este...
una chica rompiendo una piñata llena de articulos de papeleria.
Bien ¿y que?
¿Es que vale todo? Lo siento pero me parece una tonteria como un piano de cola..

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Why is it OK for fashion ads to be vacant of ideas? I don't get this at all.

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mexican pinata
thats why they are blindfolded
fxxx winter & office life, it' spring time!
whats the contents of the puffy bag in the 3. photo?
whats the puffy bag?

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Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

I didnt get this one.

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These boys and girls got sick of winter and whatever it brings along (cold, sickness, school and everything)

Nobody can sell fashion with a rational idea behind. Nice photos

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I don´t get the pencils in this campaign

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It isn't breaking news to say that adds are made for a specific public.
In this case this adds were made for a target market which consist basically in young adults living Uruguay. So if you are not, it would be only logical that you don't understand some of the meaning of the add, though I find it pretty obvious...
- They are blindfolded because tradition in Uruguay (and i'm sure it isn't the only place) in order to play with a piñata you have to be blindfolded.
- The things falling out in this picture are stuff used for studying or used in a classroom, which are associated with winter; in the sense that if summer reminds of vacation then winter reminds you of work.
- The "abrasive word" isn't so abrasive when you put it context which is a spanish talking public. In my opinion, swearing in a another language comes easier and it's more acceptable for the general society in which we live. Maybe it is because some people don't know the true meaning of the word and just use it, because we are so overwhelmed by the american culture that the word just became a normal word. What i'm trying to say is that if the add was totally in spanish, like if it said "Invierno de mierda" or "al carajo con el invierno" it would have been, maybe, too much for the general public.
- Then whether the clothes are good or not, i think that doesn't really concern the add as much as the brand.
Finally i believe the campaign consisted of radio spots and other stuff that complemented the idea.

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