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i really dont know what this ad is for....but i hate how they crammed that guy playing pool into the shot...especially with the dead space to the left of the couch.....i think im in a picky mood...

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these are for taking classes, so you can get a better job than just cleaning the puke off the floor of a pub in another country. btw, did you not check out the ladies in the background? the ad is a bit busy though.
i'm in a picky mood too my little kitten.

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I like the execution. Cool art direction really.

And what about the guy staring at the cleaner's ass? Don't you like him? :D

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This pub is sooo British :-) I mean I'm sure it was shot in Brazil

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No, this just isn't exciting me at all, whilst it does work, it just doesn't work.

I mean, do you laugh? or do you sympathise? cos it makes me feel both a little bit, but neither enough to be memorable.

Forgotten it already.


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Corona Raymaker
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Couldn't agree more with ashlands again. Execution: Fail.

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