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mohamed issa
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its nice but i belive it would be more smart if he jusd the second frame only .. its enough to deliver the idea!!

nice going .

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D'you thing so..and what bout the 1-st one?...

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i dont think so. no chance to get this, just showing an empty tube surroundet by typical bath stuff... besides that these ads dont work on the point. what if they just changed the roll from time to time? not convincing...

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Audrius Kubrik
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yes, exactly. or it's not being used at all. look at these rolls - they are exactly the same, every shade of it. it's the wrong way to exaggerate quantity. a totally skipped class of basic physics to say the least.

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Of course your toilet paper is going to last forever, if you never even touch it! They could have at least altered it in some way between the two shots. It's also too serious, taking a shit can be fun!


I think, therefore... yeah.

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in the name of ad
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it doesn't work... the toilet paper could have been changed... (that's why I didn't understand at the beginning.)

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um...not a good and convincing way to deliver.

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I hope it's a fake tube of toothpaste... or they might sue you for saying their product makes people constipated

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To me this ad reads:

The guy brushes his teeth in the morning before leaving to go to work. When he arrives at work he shits his load because he can't bear to use that rubbish toilet paper in his home. That's why it's exactly the same amount when he returns home.

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To me this ad means, throw your toothpaste when it's empty and do not touch the toilet paper.:)


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He wakes up every days and gives us chance to make our dreams come true

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