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These type ads between “before & after”done many many times...

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but here still working !!! good !

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these are nice. good job!

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guiding light
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bad. such an old idea reworked.

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So the toilet paper is so bad you end up getting **** on your fingers and have to use half a bar of soap to remove the stink? Talk about incentive!

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

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Cool ad,nice way to show benefit - but it's a toilet paper so why this atmosphere in photo? are we sad in this ad? are we cool? its about asses guys! make me laugh:)

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Ehhh, not convinced on this one... But in the context of a whole campaign with the same concept, it works and I appreciate the subtleness. Not too innovative though... it's been done.

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It could be second or third roll of paper. =P

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yeah! that's what i think too

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David Hasselblad
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For the roll to take so long to get smaller, the paper would have to be really, really thin...

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Disco Munky
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So you use the soap to clean your butt hole?.... this is weird.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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1000 shits... sorry sheets...

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much better copy yeah :D

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To me this ad reads:

The guy washes his hands in the morning before leaving to go to work. When he arrives at work he shits his load because he can't bear to use that rubbish toilet paper in his home. That's why it's exactly the same amount when he returns home. Then he washes his arse again!

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esto es un recurso tan viejo ya no tiene gracia de ninguna forma, es todo lo contrario de una sintesis, en el momento que necesito dos imagenes para contar una idea deberia notar que no es buena

This is such an old resource already it does not have grace of any form, is everything opposite of a synthesis, in the moment that I need two images to count an idea deberia to notice that it is not good

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