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Audrius Kubrik
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defecating problems?

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I like... the comment before... looks a bit jealous...

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Audrius Kubrik
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oh really? ;) what i'm jealous of is a job where you get paid for a fault logic. the roll is either the same or it's a new one. maybe i'm missing something, and if so, please explain. my comment didn't intend to offend the creators - it explains the reason why the roll is untouched, even if they wanted to portrait something else.

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mohamed issa
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its nice but i belive it would be more smart if he put the second frame only .. its enough to deliver the idea!!

nice going .

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wrong. so wrong. so very, very wrong.

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he only is at home at the morning. Wakes up, washes his teeth and goes to work. There he takes a dump.

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To me this ad reads:

The guy uses mouthwash in the morning before leaving to go to work. When he arrives at work he shits his load because he can't bear to use that rubbish toilet paper in his home. That's why it's exactly the same amount when he returns home.

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great comment Audrius Kubrik!!!!

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