Unicef: Steeler

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Hamburg, Germany

May 2008


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i like this campaign, i like the mix between the real photos and the illustrations, the whole concept is interesting.

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good copy

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These are awesome, nice illustrations and blending with images.

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Grand Prix
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Looks nice, boring line, old...

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OK - I think something was lost in translation. Bad wording.

"As long as Captain Steeler doesn't provide safe drinking water, we need your help", suggests that he has been keeping clean water from the kids, emphasized by a visual of him walking around with a tank and not distributing. Block out the "As long as" with your finger and you'll get what I'm saying.

Should read "Until (or unless) Captain Steeler starts providing safe drinking water..."

Even then it's a weird campaign - there's an idea there, in that you can be a hero to these kids, and could have been angled more that way. As-is it's not quite there :-(

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I get what you say, but the original is probably in German.

Its a bit ambiguous but I still like it.

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good one!

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this was done by redcross society long back.. the headline read "you don't need superheroes to save the world."
try to google it.. you might stll get it. it was abt 5-7 yrs back

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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