Unicef: Marbleman

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Hamburg, Germany

May 2008


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Grand Prix
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hmm, boring, old...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Didn't he die from lung cancer a long time ago?

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Very nice art direction. I like it.
Everyone who gives comments like "... boring" please
show your work. Then we will value your competence !!

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Grand Prix
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Mr.Abc, if you like this work, you must be somehow involved, its yours or you friends, do you think we are so stupid and gonna like it because you like it?!
Your competence is maybe good for an ad school not for more, win some lions then you gonna have a chance to talk to me.

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this was done by redcross society long back.. the headline read "you don't need superheroes to save the world."
try to google it.. you might stll get it. it was abt 5-7 yrs back

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Grandpirx - your last coment was completely vaccuous. The pretension and arrogance that you have displayed clearly demonstrate to me and to every other advertising prfessional that you are just another adwanker. Grow up and offer critique not childish criticism.

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Grand Prix
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Pomboole-what? are your comments like: "I did the same concept for AWARD school in Australia 12 years ago" much better?
if i think that an ad is boring, so i'm gonna say its boring, this is a blog not a school! who cares if you had some idea 12 years ago, is this not even more arrogant, did this comment help anyone?

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grand prixy, you probably have small dick!

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