Be a mom

March 2009
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Just at this moment there is a small child missing his mother.
There is no-one to hold him, wipe his tears, or give him hope of a better tomorrow. He is curled up on the street, hungry and tired. At night he covers himself in some newspapers he found. There is no-one to tuck him in, read him a bedtime story, or kiss him good night. When he closes his eyes, he remembers his mothers face. He hopes that in the morning when we wakes up, Mommy will be back. And will never die again.
There are millions of children in this world that have lost their parents. When parents fall ill their children try to take care of them and the elder children assume responsibility for their younger siblings. UNICEF does not leave children alone. We cannot bring back their lost parents, but by looking after their basic needs, health, alimentation, education and basic security we are able to provide them a safe childhood.
UNICEF-supported safe homes give children food and drink and a roof over their heads. We arrange their healthcare and schooling, and offer them care and psychological support. 80% of UNICEF personnel work out in the field with children and their parents in order to give security and stability to as many of them as possible. Children need an adult to look after them. An adult, that can be like a mother to them.
Motherhood is not biology, it is a state of mind. The willingness to care for, nurture and raise a small human being. That’s why anyone can be a Mom for a moment regardless of gender, race or social status. And although it is impossible to put a price on a mother’s love, a bit of motherhood can be given in a moment. See how it gives children a chance.
Be a Mom for a moment.

Advertising Agency: Taivas, Helsinki, Finland
Art Directors: Jyri Niemi, Anna-Mia Alanko
Copywriter: Adele Enersen
Graphic Designer: Fredrik Stürmer
Account Supervisors: Heini Häyrinen, Joanna Kokonmäki

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The reader has two options:

First the visual is really compelling. It's message is immediate, and is reinforced by the large, easily-read "Be a Mom for a Moment" with the URL below. I'm assuming that since Finland is the most intenet-connected nation on earth, posting a URL is a very effective method of inviting response.

Second, if the reader is waiting for a bus, s/he has time to read the more lengthy copy. Finns are among the most highly-educated in the world, as well as being the most internet-connected, so I don't think an ad campaign has to be dumbed-down like it would in other countries. Remember the demographic profile of who the reader is supposed to be!

I think there's too much complaining about the lengthy copy while ignoring the very compelling visual and the equally compelling main message of Be a Mom for a Moment. I think the ad works extremely well on both levels, for the intended demographic. Very well done ad and campaign, in my opinion.