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Nice artwork.

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Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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very nice creativity...

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great idea,,,great execution.

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great visual

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interesting visual
old concept

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jai hind
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great execution

jai hind
art director

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good execution, but whats the idea?

| Everartz |

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the idea is to show that UNB make you're money work harder for you by providing a high prophet rate on your savings, I'm pretty sure you you heard the metaphor before "let the money do the work", saw I brought the metaphor to life visually.

So i do agree that the idea is definitely not new, people have always made their money work for them it's called "investment", but quiet honestly I haven't seen it visualized before.


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i really like the cocept in fact i was working aroud the same thought on a similar direction but while searcing out for infos..i stumble on this.. i had to laugh out..great execution and cool one indeed.

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Go to the Business Section of Magroodi bookshop in City Center Dubai and you will find two books carrying covers of the same idea... one has many currency-designed workers doing constructions and arts... and the other has a currency-designed athletic doing his workout.


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where is 2nd shoes ?

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I think the idea clear

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The idea is simple and ok. The illustration is what makes it pleasing. So why has the creative attributed himself with everything and not credited the illustrator. . . ? ?

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How some of you can say great remains a riddle to me.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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tamer samy
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construction worker is a bad choice for investment, coz it connotes hardship and low income. I visual pan is so forced

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muy literal

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Good Execution
not a very very good idea.........

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Bad execution... I must say... Why is the boot transparent... Where is the second boot? and how do they bend the moneyroll in the thigh on the left?

except for that, I kind of like it :)


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creative head...cheers dude...

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I'm sorry, but I seem to be one of the sceptics here.
Even if I understand the visual [and very literal] analogy, there is also a not-so-distant connection between building & construction and investments. And unfortunately, that industry isn't always such a sure thing – especially in the current economic situation.

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Good art.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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very nice one ya mohammed

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Hey man

thanks for the comment I appreciate it, do I know you? did work on some project together coz you look so familiar.

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A thief ripping off another thief .....just another scam Ad ..

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hey man,

I'm the guy behind this ad, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I offended you in any way "coz u seem very upset calling me a thief n stuff"

Anyway I can assure you that this is the 1st time I see your original ad the one produced 2007, and if you're in the creative industry you should know by now that it gets harder and harder every single second to generate original ideas, that doesnt prevent you from thinking and egenrating ideas, I dont know about you but you seem very keen of the having others come up with ideas and you bad mouth them "it seems that this is your thing"

How's that wroking for you by the way?

Cheers :)

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I think your site is a scam guest.... wasting worldwide internet bandwidth.

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The moneyman [articulated] bends over with a cheer.

I think the idea has conveyed.

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too hard working

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Got to be clear in the message.. what I can read as per visual; he is proposing, he is begging, he is performing, anyway concept is close!

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Love the concept and the visual, But for a Middle Eastern Bank, why is the man made of Dollars and not Dinars or Dirhams??

Cognito Ergo Sum

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