UIPA: Naughty Pets - Regina

2 or 3 years ago, or maybe 4.
Regina was a bilingual secretary in a HUGE company and had to deal with very important people. She was HAPPY.

She had completely forgotten how ugly she was when her boss hired an incompetent and mean supermodel to manage all the office. Regina hated her. So she went out to look for a mutt dog and found the uglier dog ever. The plan was to give it to the enemy so she could catch some disease! Thing is Regina herself fell in love with the dog. You know, they were both so ugly and so clever that she felt safe with him. Well, she quit her job. And SUPERMODEL (the dog) is still with her.
And so it was.

So this is the story Regina tells everybody.
Truth is she went to this place & simply found the perfect dog.
You think the story is not that spicy, hu?
Make up yours!
Adopt a naughty pet!!!

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director (teacher): Toni Rodrigues
Creative: Andrea Cotrim

September 2009


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I like the art very much. The copy...well, feels strange. Doesn't make me laugh, cry or want to get a pet. In short, it's pretty weak.


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i think the copy is great! nicely written in a special style. i really enjoyed reading all three of them! good job!

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