UIPA: Naughty Pets - Miguel

It happened a loooong time ago.
Miguel was still young, and slim. He was always hanging out with some friends and the ladies. Good times.
One night, things ran out of control and his mate had to leave the pub straight away as some bikers, very DISRESPECTFUL, started messing out with his girl friend. What a girl! She was stunning!!! Anyway, they left. But the bikers went after them. They were all gonna die if a scary cat did not appear and scream as if it was dying itself! The bikers, afraid of the neighbors, ran away just like that! Anyway...
That cat´s name is PELLIGROSO, still alive at Miguel´s place.
And so it was.

So this is the story Miguel tells everybody.
Truth is he went to this place & simply found the perfect cat.
You think the story is not that spicy, hu?
Make up yours!
Adopt a naughty pet!!!

The UIPA, International Union for the Protection of Animals, is the oldest non-profit association in Brazil. They established the Animal Protection Movement in the nineteenth century in the country, in order to fight against exploitation, abandonment and cruelty victimizing animals, and to promote the recognition of their rights. In addition to its political and legal role, the UIPA still receives, takes care and forwards more than a thousand animals to adoption each year.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director (teacher): Toni Rodrigues
Creative: Andrea Cotrim

September 2009


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Liked the approach


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Mmmm, bastante forzado lo veo... increible el arte!

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