UIPA: Naughty Pets - Ernesto

Some Day, in a Not So Far Country...
Ernesto was in big, big trouble. He arrived from the sea, with his cousin, Crazy Jo, and no money. What a shame...
Crazy Jo had a lover in town, a rich married woman, the reason why they came over. BUT when she met Ernesto it was love at first sight. No, Crazy Jo DID NOT like it, and to get rid of his rival he bought a snake planning to put it in a place to bite his cousin. But the snake escaped and appeared on the lady´s neck, squeezing it like a rope! She was already turning blue when a dog got there and killed the snake! They aremarried and happy, and so is PANCADA, the dog who saved their love.
And so it was.

So this is the story Ernesto tells everybody.
Truth is he went to this place & simply found the perfect dog.
You think the story is not that spicy, hu?
Make up yours!
Adopt a naughty pet!!!

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director (teacher): Toni Rodrigues
Creative: Andrea Cotrim

September 2009

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Very nice illustration

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