UIC: Bowl

Oil lifts easy

Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz
Executive Creative Director: Ali Shabaz
Creative Director: Joseph Cheong, Ang Sheng Jin
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Art Directors: Ang Sheng Jin, Alex Tan
Producer: Bobby Koh
Photographer: Jeremy Wong / Nemesis Pictures
Account Supervisor: Michelle Lee
Advertiser's Supervisor: Lim Pei Wen
Retouchers: Gillianne Chen, Evan Lim / Magic Cube
Published: September 2012


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457 pencils


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Lisbon freak
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nice visuals.....I like it....Guys respect the amount of work went in to.....Thrs always something to learn.....

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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I say YES to Visual but NO to Idea!

Love creating ads..

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And that I agree with you on.

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Barbara O.
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Lol, the visual is pretty captivating and easy to understand

Barbara O.

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Bumper Sticker
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attractive visual. arresting...

Loves roasted fish and flute

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