Uhu Super Glue: Rugby

Super strong Glue

Advertising School: CSM, London, UK
Creative: Kwan Hee Cho
Published: June 2012

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Looks very familiar. We had almost the same idea for UHU glue: http://hiretheselegs.com/uhu.html

yeniv's picture
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Osotnik, I think you may be confusing having the same product benefit with the same idea.

Both ads communicate the product "sticks things back together", but in very different ways.

DilipRevar's picture
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Concept is good but Execution and Photoshop is weak -
1 - Lines are overlapping the table, case and also to the wall.
2 - Perspective of lines is not perfect.
3 - The number (50) from right side is also overlapping.

TexasH's picture
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Sorry. Zero insight. I don't like it.
And the one with the runaway isn't clear.

bate_palmas's picture
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I hate it when this happens. I dont get it. Anyone?

TexasH's picture
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Museums (fragile stuffs) shown as potential playgrounds (race,football, soccer).

bate_palmas's picture
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Thanks man!

Doesnt really work then. Because it says nothing about glass protection, which is more likely something necessary here

kleenex's picture
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interesting concept.

lemonAd's picture
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Too easy. But I suppose it's effective

Lazarus's picture
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I guess if you're going to play ball inside a museum, it works.

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